Welcome to Manpower Infra Projects

Welcome to Manpower Infra Projects Pvt Ltd, where we believe in walking the distance that has never been crossed before. We believe there are no short cuts to building real trust; it all begins with listening to our clients, understanding what’s important to them, adding value, and following through with design, construction and genuinely sincere service.


For Manpower Infra Projects Pvt Ltd, fostering lifelong client relationships is at the core of our philosophy, and building that relationship hinges on the consistent delivery of value, architectural design, quality construction, and trusted client service.”

The single most important practice to which we attribute our successes is establishing long lasting quality relationships with our clients"

 The Manpower Team excels at creating and assembling Design Build projects with clients seeking exceptional value & service, fine architectural design & details, and professional construction management expertise.

Manpower Infra Projects Pvt Ltd are known for creating unique projects that elevate the standards of design, quality and, of course, living. We’re passionate about great architecture providing a healthy and enjoyable experience to our clients. We do architecture of any complexity.

About Us

Our first step forward was in the year 2004 by the name Man Power Constructions, creating exceptional modifications and interior quality offices for more than 10 years. The company has incorporated and came to be known as Man Power Infra Projects Private Limited in 2014. Manpower Infra Projects Pvt Ltd is committed to build an empowering environment for our clients through creative and value-oriented building solutions. The Company’s reputation and position of strength is founded on its people, its passion for quality and customer service and our outstanding clients list. We are committed to form seamless partnerships with its customers so that their requirement becomes a challenge.

Manpower Infra Projects Pvt Ltd strives to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction by delivering quality products through timely completion.



To continue our uncompromising integrity, honesty, excellence, continuous innovation and constant improvement of our standards and technologies.

To complete projects of the highest quality on time and within budget.



"To design, build and service physical infrastructure for improved living, enhanced work environment

To build a strong future ensuring increased returns to shareholders and enhanced support to associates,



Enhancement of customer satisfaction

Timely completion of projects

Effective planning and monitoring system